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    Chronic Care
    A chronic disease is a disease that is long-lasting or recurrent;
    many chronic diseases require chronic care management
    for effective long-term treatment.
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    Treating patients holistically fitness through yoga pranayamam meditation
    Oil massage therapy
    Varmam therapy
    Relaxation massage therapy
    Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

Welcome To Cure Siddha Clinic!

The Siddha System of Medicine is one among the foremost of all other medical systems of the world. The other systems are concerned with treatment and preventive aspects only. But Siddha Medicine is the only medical system that is said to bestow immortality. Siddha System propounded by the Siddhars is a vast and unique system which defines health as a Perfect State of Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual Well Being of an individual. The system not only deals with medicine, but with spirituality, righteous way of living, rejuvenation and its main aim Kaivalya or Attainment of Perfection.

Our most trusted and endeared life science is finally coming of age with worldwide awareness and acceptance of "Siddha system of medicine” for their established efficiency and safety to alleviate the sufferings of millions of patients the world over. Perhaps the most intriguing revolution is brewing in the world of medicine, will be equally be sophisticated, if not frightening. We top the list of Private Siddha hospitals in India providing comfort treatment for all patients at affordable rates.

The Cure Siddha Clinic provides treatment through internal and external medications based upon the siddha system. Further prevention is controlled by diet counseling, lifestyle modification through Naturopathy Principles. The physical fitness program is conducted by means of Yoga, Pranayamam and meditation techniques at our Cure Siddha Clinic. We are the trusted Siddha Clinic in India offering natural treatments.

To get the ancient medical treatment which do not cause any side effects, reach Cure Siddha Clinic , the Best Siddha hospital in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu.

Cure Siddha Specials

Our Awards Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council - 'A' Class Practitioners...
General Care Fever, Cold & Cough, Haedaches, Diarrhea, Other common ailments etc....
Chronic Care A chronic disease is a disease that is long-lasting or recurrent...
Foundation Cure Siddha Clinic, initiated in to the siddha medical line in 1993...

Origin Of Siddha

Siddha medicine is the antique medical system practiced in India. This system was developed in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Siddha system of medicine was cheerfully bestowed by Lord Shiva to Siddhars. It is supposed to have been conceived by the Siddhars or evolved souls (numbering 18) who lived in the past.

The word Siddha comes from the word Siddhi which means an object to be attained perfection or heavenly bliss. Siddha focused to "Ashtamahasiddhi" that is the eight supernatural power succeeded through Asthanga yogam. Those who attained or achieved the above said powers are known as Siddhars.

The whole atmosphere of siddha thinking is empirical and experimental. Their writings are not in the nature of clear cut formalized statements of any well defined doctrine. Hence, it is difficult to extricate a philosophical system out of their writings, at least at the present state of our knowledge of their works.